Principal Akeem Langham

About Mr. Langham:

Alma mater: Elon University

Favorite class in high school: Algebra I

Leadership Superpower: Akeem’s consistent centering of students — their brilliance, what they deserve, and what they are capable of.


In his own words:

"I have appreciated so deeply the moments I’ve had in the classroom where I watch a student grow and foster a belief in themselves that was very small or hidden at the start of the year. Because I’ve come to get that same energy out of developing adults and being able to watch those moments happen for kids in more classrooms as a result, I’m excited to set the direction for development across an entire school.  I have a young daughter, and I find that I have a clearer and higher bar of excellence for schools in imagining the type of school I want her to attend. I am fueled to work towards creating it so that we’ve reached that bar by the time she is in high school. I understand clearly the degree of trust parents have in us to play a huge role in their child’s development, so I feel a lot of urgency to get this right."

Mr. Langham