Athletics and Extracurriculars


Livingston Collegiate believes that academic and athletic excellence go hand-in-hand. We encourage all students to tryout for our teams and all students and families to cheer on our athletes!

Football (Fall)
Volleyball (Fall)
Cheerleading (Fall & Winter)
Dance (Fall & Winter)
Boys’ Basketball (Winter)
Girls’ Basketball (Winter)
Track & Field (Winter & Spring)
Baseball (Spring)
Softball (Spring)

Clubs and Flex Block

All students at Livingston Collegiate participate in clubs through Flex Block. Flex Block is an hour at the end of our day that allows students to pursue passions, receive extra academic support, and spend time with their friends between our core academic classes. Students are able to choose their three “Flex Blocks” to fit their interests and needs. To see some of the Flex Blocks offered at our school, look at the list below.

Clubs Offered During Flex Block (offerings change each quarter):
Anime Club
Art Club
Boxing Club
Black Student Union
Construction Apprenticeship
Cosmetology Club
Culture Exchange Club
Mind to Heart: Mental Health Club
Wolf Pack Productions
Wrestling Club